Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Diversify vs. Diversity

So SNWA, are your water grab spin doctors without any conscience? Or is it that they have some extraordinarily sick sense of humor? You claim that you need drain the water (and therefore the life) from Rural Nevada in the name of diversity... How disgustingly ironic. Someone there must have heard of the book The Diversity of Life. How could you be so manipulative as to steal the terminology of the acclaimed scientist, E.O. Wilson? His term, “biodiversity” refers to the vast wealth of life on this planet – of which half is threatened with extinction by the end of this century.

E.O. Wilson has shown that we are right in the middle of the sixth great extinction on Earth – the most “devastating trauma since the extinction event that laid waste the dinosaurs.” And SNWA cant wait to profit from it.

E.O. Wilson's wish is to create an expandable, open-source, web-based “encyclopedia of life” to record everything we know about everything alive. However, SNWA's wish is to erase a big part of that biodiversity. And in the name of what? To “diversify” their sources? This is exactly what George Orwell would have called doublespeak. Diversity isn't about how many different ways you can kill life on Earth. SNWA just borrowed the term to sound responsible. When in fact, history will remember these water grabbers as ecologically as responsible as Stalin was socially.


Barlow Putz said...

i have been interested about water in all it's aspects, here in utah we had a grandma tackled because she wouldn't use water, us here in ephraim told to not to water, an art king up the canyon let his resouvoir go beacuse the city wouldn't sell him cheap water, rocky anderson telling peolple not to drink bottled water because of the pollution, and a city owned but private grassy area watered, and the destroyed because it didn't have city permission...what a waste, and here we have to invest millions in a resouvior because our little town has doubled in size doubled in size...

CresceNet said...
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